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Need More Time to View and Practice the 5 Day Naughty to Nice Dog Training Challenge? Now you can get ALL FIVE videos ($1250 value) for only $97.

  • VIDEO 1: The Number 1 Word Your Dog MUST Respond To!
  • VIDEO 2: How to "Heal" Your Heeling
  • VIDEO 3: How You Can Change A "Gimme Gimme" Puppy or Dog Into a "Please, May I?" One
  • VIDEO 4: How to Teach a Critical Command That You AND Your Veterinarian Will LOVE
  • VIDEO 5: How to Create a Personalized Step-by-Step Training Plan for Your Unique Goals!

PLUS, you'll also get the audio-only version of each video so you can listen and learn on the go!

Total Value: $1875

Regular Price: $497

Today's Price: ONLY $97

And to show you how confident I am in what I do,

Here’s my Guarantee:

If you take this 5-day training, follow our step-by-step system, and STILL don’t see your dog making progress, you deserve your money back!

If you do everything and follow all the guidelines that I’ve taught you in this 5-day training, and your puppy or dog doesn't make progress, we will refund your money, within 4 days of purchasing purchasing, no questions asked.

Just send us an email to, and we’ll happily refund your money.


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